• Eye Clinic
    Eye Clinic
    Alshifa Hospital inaugurated Eye Clinic on 20th April, 2015
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    Quality Healthcare
    Welcome to Al-Shifa Multi Speciality Hospital.
    We provide affordable and quality healthcare services to our patients.
    With 24X7 emergency services, we are focused on patient-centered and family-centered health care.
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    emergency services
    Alshifa Provides 24X7 full fledged emergency services
    supported by round the clock laboratory services.
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    Multi Speciality Clinics
    We have the best multi-speciality health care services like
    Heart Clinic, Neurology, Cardiology and many more with Highly experienced Doctors.

Emergency Case

Just call the our Emergency Services at   
+91-11-26989221-5, +91-9555163363, 91- 9818844498  and a well-equipped ambulance with trained emergency staff will reach you within 30 minutes.

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If you need a doctor for consultation, you can directly make appointments online.

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Well Women

Al Shifa provides a special package for Women patients as - Well Woman. Completely examined and adviced by Gynaecologist

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Services at Al Shifa Multi-Speciality Hospital

Emergency Services

In case of a medical emergency, just call the Alshifa Emergency Services at 011 123 4546 and a well-equipped ambulance with trained emergency staff will reach you within 30 minutes*.


lab Services

We provide comprehensive pathology services 24 hours a day through in-patient, out-patient and outreach services.


Digital X-Ray

Al-Shifa Hospital is proud to offer digital X-Ray imaging to our community – an advanced technology that’s far superior to traditional X-Ray equipment.



Ambulance is one of most fundamental part of our Emergency Services. Our fleet of ambulance with monitors and oxygen supply supports the department efficiently serving the needy.



The centre of the hospital houses pharmacy to ensure easy access to the patient and attendant in getting the required medicines on time. Wide varieties of medicines are available at discounted price for both In and Out Patients.



Al-Shifa provides routine and stat 12 lead electrocardiograms completed by trained Cardiology Technologists for both inpatients and on an outpatient basis.


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(91)-9555163363, 9818844498

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