Broad Objectives

The hospital, intends to meet the medico-social needs of various communities of different economics status, has been obliged to adjust its various services/facilities of general nature to the present requirements of the residents of Jamia Nagar Okhla where it is located.

The Broad Objectives of the Al-Shifa Multi-Speciality Hospital are:

1. To provide comprehensive health care, Promotive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare to the residents of Jamia Nagar in particular and drawn from the urban/semi-urban and rural areas of Delhi in general.
2. To provide out-patient, in patient and round the clock maternity and emergency care services of all basic and supportive general specialties. These services will be provided on a subsidized rate for the deserving and affluent clientele will be charged normal rates.
3. To provide round the clock facilities of intensive care unit, and neonatal intensive care unit.
4. To provide round the clock state of the art diagnostic services/ facilities in clinical pathology, including blood blank, clinical biochemistry, microbiology and radiology, including ultrasound and CT Scan.
5. To provide few specialized services in clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic fields like in cardiology, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Neonatology, etc.
6. To act as a medical institution for direct /first level contact for patients and also as a secondary level referral centre for the referred cases from nearby smaller hospitals (mainly private), health centre, polyclinic and dispensaries situated in Jamia Nagar and adjacent areas.
7. To participate in various national health programmes, including National Family Welfare programme, by linking with various Government/Private hospitals and health centres (horizontally & vertically) and providing necessary infrastructures and facilities as per their demands.
8. To render facilities for conduction research activities relating to different specialties, as and when required.
9. Last but not the least the hospitals, as a measure for futures expansion, in response to the changing Trend in hospital services, would also provide facilities /services (clinical, diagnostics, and therapeutic) of various other specialties in future depending upon the real needs of the population.
10. This Hospital is located in Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, Okhla, which has population of approximately 5 lakhs Muslims. Although number of corporate hospital exist close to Jamia Nagar (Apollo, Fortis Escort, etc) but these are not financially accessible to most of the people living in Jamia Nagar. Keeping the above in consideration HWF decided to locate one of the Multi specialty Hospital in Jamia Nagar. This Hospital has been planned as Ground + 3 floor including Basement. Presently basements & Ground floor is fully functional. So far approximately Eleven Crore has been spent in building and equipping the present facility.